Processor Technology Manuals

These  manuals are for Processor Technology products, and were contributed by Barry Watzman.. If you have others which are not listed here, please contact me.

The following urgent Processor Technology request comes from Barry Watzman.  He's trying to locate the following:

"Encyclopedia Processor Technica" [aka "EPT"] - all vols. Except #9 [This was a 12-volume encyclopedia of all internal documentation and service data published 3 years after Processor Technology went out of business] [There is some question as to whether volume 12 was ever actually published]" 

Barry contacted the original author of this work, and reports that:

"I managed to get hold of the author of the 12-volume "encyclopedia Processor Technica", and even he doesn't have a copy of it, 12 volumes, over 4,000 pages. In a move, he was pressured into disposing of all of his software, hardware and documentation, perhaps the most complete collection in existence, after having devoted about 10 years of his life to Processor Technology. It's possible that some of this stuff is already lost forever."

So, if anyone has a lead on where this information can be found, please let Barry or myself know.  We will be glad to scan, preserve, and make accessible  this information to keep it from getting lost forever.



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